macskalany : H1500

1. the label
2. korul
3. 03abuse
4. asdritual (w. (1) felhasznalo)
5. unsigned (w. (1) felhasznalo)

out 2024-05-29

macskalany's H1500 unfolds a vivid universe of constant textural motion, filled with sprazzling and sizzling noises and hisses traversing through the full spectrum and dynamic range of sound. Drawing from a rich sonic palette and innovative audio processing techniques, tectonic tapestries are created that shake, tremble, buzz and electrify. The Budapest-based artist creates sensual hypermusique concrète, the kind that can be used for lubing mechas.

The album features collaborations with (1) felhasznalo, part of the Budapest-based music collective ZAJ+, as well as NYC-based artist Seraphim.

'the label' featuring sounds by Seraphim (@_____seraphim______)

Cover art by escapechina & elod janky


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