We proudly announce the release of “STANDING ON VAPOR” - a mixtape series by 4 artists: Access the mixes here.


Cat # Artist Title Format Date
dddp025 ooo & Ádám Czitrom Tendril 🟎 (upcoming) vinyl 2021
dddp024 City Dragon fausse monnaie 🟎 (upcoming) tape 2021
dddp023 Pentu Primary Stasis (bonus edition) digital 2020
dddp022 Private Grief The Dead City digital 2020
dddp021 2mo pocket watching digital 2019
dddp020 2222222222222222222222 AND WHY? WTH is "I am not X"? digital 2019
dddp019 Venta Protesix Computer Melancholy cd-r 2019
dddp018 TH Anatol Boletus tape 2019
dddp017 Psycho Master Twisted Dimension tape 2018
dddp016 ToupeMapeto aka"thugkia"$$$ Dape&SHEZAFANA tape 2018
dddp015 Bintahaha / Alley Catss Split tape 2017
dddp014 VA DADDYPOWER presents : “3tmc” winter comp digital 2017
dddp013 0 0 0 0 f 0 w 0 1 0 c The definitive force of pain digital 2016
dddp012 absolution can only be reached through the abstraction of dreaming s/t digital 2016
dddp011 Elod Janky Power Existence digital 2016
dddp010 Samuelspaniel / Alley Catss Split digital 2015
dddp009 cmpx155l A View From Purgatory II digital 2015
dddp008 Inventory J'ai digital 2015
dddp007 chord & dj pc cg a digital 2015
dddp006 VA @cellz presents: Themis vol. 1 digital 2015
dddp005 Glenn Mould TIME digital 2014
dddp004 Alley Catss NoWheel4Berlin / NvrBeenTouched digital 2013
dddp003 IVVVV Visionary Mind digital 2012
dddp002 HAUD THY SUCKAZ digital 2012
dddp001 Alley Catss Seamoth EP digital 2011


Daddypower x EXILES Trafó House Budapest 30 X 2020
Szelevényi Ákos₪Bíró Marci₪Janky Máté / ooo / log:n Gólya Budapest 30 I 2020
Daddypower Pres TH Anatol┲DMNSZ(pl)┲Alley Catss┲page RIFF Budapest Budapest 12 XII 2019
Daddypower Pres: WA?STE⌣La Bodyhorreur⌣Alley Catss⌣224 Három Holló / Drei Raben Budapest 11 X 2019
Mike Nylons✇TH Anatol✇noahstas✇.page.✇elod janky art quarter budapest Budapest 24 VIII 2019
Daddypower x The Corp pres:: TH Anatol "Boletus" release show Három Holló / Drei Raben Budapest 15 III 2019
Daddypower pres. Minute de S / Juhász Tamás / elod janky Kék Ló Budapest 08 VIII 2018
City Dragon / Bintahaha / Alley Catss Kék Ló Budapest 19 V 2018
WA?STE (aus) / ptwiggs (aus) / Alley Catss / PÉNZ DJs Müszi Budapest 18 V 2017
RIN (JP) LIVE ♡ b-ody/AM Pictured ♡ PÉNZ DJs Auróra Budapest 19 VIII 2016
Samuelspaniel (BE) • Alley Catss /ℶ album release/ • dj pc cg Auróra Budapest 29 VI 2016


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