INGATLAN & Network Glass : INGATLAN & Network Glass

1. Network Glass - dummy01(noheaven)
2. INGATLAN - dgfn.xd
3. Network Glass - grave02(laughingagain)
4. INGATLAN - til i finally died, which started the whole world living (feat. macskalany, joseph wall)

out 2024-05-22

Budapest-based musician and visual artist INGATLAN joins Baltimore's Network Glass for a split release on Daddypower )DDDP028(.

Spewing total alienation through the brutalist musique concrète compositions the release offers a forsaken discordcore audio journey with sounds and bits resembling hardcore experimental ASMR computer music.

Notification sounds, voice memos and liquified sonic objects are reinterpreted and torn apart on this contemporary no-wave exercise by staring into the ethernet void.

INGATLAN side featuring joseph wall and macskalany

Cover art by INGATLAN & friends


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