wim dehaen - Printer Waste Toner Modified Bitumen
lulu - Another request
Seraphim - derangements of my contemporaries
Alley Catss - dissolution practires(recurrent)

wim dehaen is the co-founder of Genot Centre and releases under various monikers including wim dehaen, mango object and benelux energy. his occupations are: e-drink sommelier, dsp script kiddie, independent jumpstyle archivist and molecule connaisseur.



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Lulu is a France based artist offering situations through digital mediums shaped by urban legends and virtual explorations.


Kanoguti - The Moon
LEVIN B w Dodgelodge - Gravey MILKS TOI TRUTH
Melobytes - Picture of a dog with human face (Demo version)
Rm Francis - 2-oGenSquirt_Spectral Dummy
seaketa - Eye(https://youtu.be/vBqAn0Qkkyk)
Tissue Hunter - woobstep
Shinichi Atobe - Free Access Zone 4
Marian Varga & Moyzesovo kvarteto - Pomoz mi
Rainer - Counselor
I.S.O. - killer7魂弾ミックス
GOTH OZUNU x yolichika - Dominus erit in contactu cum airship
Scorn - White Irises Blind
Kuniaki Haishima - Illusions
PropaTingz - Babylons Scared (16-bit remix)
Goodiepal - En Rohirian Punani Rendition Lavet Af Evol Fra Alku
Kanoguti - Crazy dance
hypercyute - hnhnhnhn

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Seraphim is a NY-based composer and improviser with a particular interest in treading the limits of signal processing as a way to negotiate the confines of equal temperament, and has most recently collaborated with Aethereal Arthropod, Clansie Cheng Daoyuan, swiʌel, and Michael Speers, among others. His debut EP is due to be released in 2021.


seraphim x swiʌel - (a)photic
Lichen Adress – Ege Agi Kwel
network glass – whscr19
/f - Bomb Theory Director’s Cut (excerpt)
Amselysen – Jet Black Jet Stream
trngs – fake vs full-sail ironic labor(UNHINGED INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR OFFICIAL FLIP)

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Alley Catss merges ambient and abstract sonic ideas with fragments of dance music, such as techno, jungle and juke, and tries to contextualize the outcome within the worlds and phenomena of virtuality and digital spaces. In his live sets, improvisation, rawness and randomness alike play a great role. Along with a number of self-released digital mixtapes, his last EP Evr2 was published in 2020 on Belgian netlabel Midlife.


original tracks / live recordings from 2019-2020

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