the five rivers

Ppillovv brings us to discover the grief of purging with debris lifted from the five Greek mythological rivers of the underworld (aka the “subconscious”). The rivers of woe, hatred, wailing, oblivion and fire. As we flow down these rivers, we encounter apparitions summoned by the echoes of familiar elements.

What constitutes the alchemy of the soul?

We face ourselves from below and question the crystallizations of frozen emotion, entwined in the mycelium of the collective nervous system. Where do the rivers stem from, and where do they lead? Could it be the same place? Who is the key (figure), and what does it open? Why does it smile at us?

Traveler's Chamber

ACHERON (woe / misery)

COCYTUS (wailing)

STYX (hatred)

STYX (hatred) (detail)

LETHE (oblivion)



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